6 Reasons Why You Should Work at a Summer Camp

1. The Campers

Without our campers, there is no Dream Oaks Camp. 

They will make you laugh with the things they do and say, their energy is infectious! Believe us, it’s hard work looking after a group of kids day after day, week after week… but despite that, there is a clear and obvious reason that our staff comes back summer after summer to work here… because our Dream Oaks campers are amazing kids! It’s truly the most rewarding job you’ll ever have.

2. Camp friends are the BEST friends 

The bonds you make at camp will last a lifetime.

After two months, you’ll have grown closer to some amazing people and shared an incredible experience together. Living and working alongside like-minded people will help to foster those relationships that will continue to grow for the rest of your life. To the campers, you’ll become like a cool big sibling or their best friend, but definitely a massive part of their summer. What you’ll realize in the months that follow is that they have also been a big part of your summer camp experience.

3. It’s FUN!

Release your inner child.

Let’s be honest – Sometimes counselors are just big campers. (& we think that’s pretty awesome!) As a counselor, you’re free to let go, have fun, and enjoy camp feel like a “big kid.” Do you remember spending your summers as a kid playing outside, and not caring what you look like? You’ll go back to that place at Dream Oaks Camp. You’ll wake up every day happy knowing you have a whole new day of adventures to look forward to. 

4. Become a Role Model

“Kids listen to our staff in a way that they may not listen to their parents or even their teachers because they, through their short time at summer camp, have gotten down on their level.” – Elena Cassella, Executive Director

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Our Executive Director explains why the staff at Dream Oaks Camp make camp so special in this blog post. Your presence at Dream Oaks Camp will have a lasting impact on your campers. Through conversation, experience, laughter, and honesty, you can help to build their confidence, their perception of the world, and their skill set. And no matter how many years go by, they’ll continue to tell their camp stories about amazing memories that you made happen.

5. It’s an Experience You’ll Never Forget

You’ll have incredible memories & stories to tell. 

So, maybe all of your best stories will start the same way:  “This one time, at summer camp…” But, we promise it won’t get old! Whether it’s a song on the radio that all of the campers were OBSESSED with or that hilarious story about your birthday at camp, Dream Oaks Camp really never leaves you. You’ll have hundreds of stories to tell and memories to make you smile. 

6. Build Your Resume

After all, a resume is often your first impression of future employers…

Many people choose to do volunteer work, which looks exceptional on a resume. But have you ever considered becoming a camp counselor? Not only does becoming a camp counselor benefit others, but it can also benefit you and your future. Your experiences at Dream Oaks Camp will help in making your resume stand out amongst others.

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