8 Reasons Kiddos Love Dream Oaks Camp….

If you’re a camper parent, then you have probably heard A LOT of stories from camp. Whether they’re reminded by photos, visiting a camp friend, or activities in school, the stories never seem to end. Not that you mind. You’re happy to hear the impact just one week or weekend has on them. It’s a decision you have never regretted. If you’re still wondering why your child won’t stop talking about camp, here are a few reasons:

Campers LOVE Dream Oaks Camp because they…

1. Can Be Themselves Without Judgement

Dream Oaks Camp motto: “Where the things that make us different, make us beautiful.” At Dream Oaks Camp, the differences between every camper are celebrated! Campers are free from the personas they have conformed to because of peer perceptions at home. They aren’t worried about being labeled or judged, they can be themselves!

2. Learn New Skills

From canoeing to yoga, we highlight the strengths of each child by focusing on what they can do, rather than what they cannot. Every camper has individualized goals set by parents and staff that help them to learn and grow.  They leave camp feeling more confident in themselves.

3. Build Lasting Friendships

Making friends is an important part of the camp experience, and with the help of their counselors, children learn and practice their friend-making skills. Camp friends are unlike any others because campers experience a whole new world with new experiences together.

4. Have Independence

Dream Oaks Camp provides a supportive environment where kids are recognized as individuals, not by their disabilities. When campers are in a new environment without parents to guide them, it gives them a chance to understand the thought that goes into making a good decision. Deciding what to wear or what to eat are small steps and ignite independence within them. 

5. Express Creativity

Creativity is much more than just arts and crafts at summer camp. By giving campers an opportunity to express themselves through music, dance, and hands-on activities, we’re uncovering hidden talents and gifts that all campers have. Campers leave with the love and excitement of creativity.

6. Get To Be Kids


The first phrase that comes to mind is Hakuna Matata, it means no worries. Kiddos at camp get a chance to take a deep breath, relax, and escape the stress that may come with day-to-day activities. Dream Oaks Camp is a place where everything else melts away and campers can focus on just being kids.

7. Create Life-Long Memories 

 Instead of bright screens telling stories, campers share their own stories, real or imagined. This creates real connections. Camping, while enjoyable, is a new experience, and shared experiences form bonds and memories to last a lifetime.


For more information about Dream Oaks Camp, call 941-746-5659 or visit http://www.foundationfordreams.org/


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