A Letter to Parents and Caregivers

In conversations with parents over my years as Executive Director, I’ve discovered that sending your child to camp can be much harder on the parents than the campers.

When your child is away, the normal routines of your day are thrown off, because the person you’re used to caring for and focusing on is not there. The quiet in the house and daily tasks that no longer need to be done can create a strange void.  

Here’s some advice:

  • Recharge!
  • Do something for yourself. Work out, take a spa day, or just get a haircut.
  • Enjoy a date night with your significant other.
  • Connect with friends and family!

One of our main goals is to provide respite to you, the parent. We are confident that anyone raising a child with special needs will benefit from a planned break or regular respite.100% of parents /caregivers served last year, agreed that respite provided them the opportunity to recharge, focus on daily responsibilities.

Dream Oaks Camp provides an attentive staff, appropriate ratios, quality programming and thorough safety measures to give parents/caregivers the peace of mind necessary to fully enjoy and actively utilize respite.

The assurance that all of your child’s needs are being met gives YOU the freedom to take time for yourself or other family members, strengthening the overall family unit.

Whether your child is attending Dream Oaks for the first time or has attended before, we are excited to welcome them and provide a positive camp experience in which they can try new things, build their skill sets, form meaningful relationships and create life-long memories.   

We are looking forward to helping ignite the flames enabling and empowering your kiddos to Burn Bright!

Should you have any questions, please contact us.

Elena Cassella

Executive Director, Foundation For Dreams

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