Camp Benefits Everyone

Camp is a memorable experience that can truly alter the course of one’s life.  

Dream Oaks Camp provides a supportive environment where  differences are beautiful and children can be recognized as individuals, not by their disabilities.  By focusing on what a child can do, rather than what they cannot, children are enabled to discover their incredible potential through camp activities. By modifying each theme and activity to include participation of all campers, children engage in unique experiences, learn new skills and develop productive behaviors while having a blast!

When a child attends our program, staff and parents collaborate to identify 2 targeted goals for the child to progress towards while at camp. We focus on each child’s strengths and abilities, staff members facilitate these goals and encourage campers towards success. Through our intensive staff training and low camper-to-staff ratios of 3:1 or better, each child receives individualized care and support. Kiddos leave camp with meaningful relationships, a more comprehensive profound skill-set, and increased productive behaviors.

Both campers and counselors at Dream Oaks Camp are exposed to new ideas, activities and situations that provide them with eye-opening moments and personal growth. Everyone at Dream Oaks Camp has  the opportunity to try new activities that may become a passion or hobby for them.

Counselors experience new things and grow as they learn to care for others.Counselors often make career decisions from their experiences at Dream Oaks Camp. Some realize that working with special needs children is their calling in life, and others find themselves captivated by the medical field experiences from camp. They’re afforded the opportunity to instruct and coach closely with a few campers. They meet peers and mentors from all over the country– creating a network of people with shared interests and goals. After spending lots of time together, their peers from camp often turn into life-long friendships.

At Foundation for Dreams, our goal is to enable the children we serve to “BURN BRIGHT” through our Dream Oaks Camp program. By focusing on what a child can do, rather than what they cannot, we empower campers to discover their incredible potential and learn new skills through adaptive camp activities. Truly, when a child attends Dream Oaks, there is a certain fire lit within them, igniting flames of confidence, hope and independence that glow long after they leave our grounds.

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