Christmas at Camp

child smiling at santa claus

The day started like any other would at camp, campers gathered around the flagpole and began singing proudly before devouring breakfast. However, the air this particular day was filled with the staff’s excitement and anticipation of the guest visiting in the afternoon. Campers began their activities that were sprinkled with holiday cheer. Our kiddos played like elves in the “snow” and decorated Christmas ornaments. A nearby walkie-talkie buzzed and soon whispers from the staff began to grow. The guest of honor had arrived!  All of the campers finished up their activities and moved to the playground, where each played until it was his or her turn to go inside. One at a time, campers opened the door to the front office only to be transported to a Christmas Wonderland, decorated with candy canes and Christmas trees. Christmas melodies filled their ears as eyes gazed around the room before focusing on the rosy face of Santa Claus smiling back at them. He greeted each child by name as they walked up to share their Christmas wishes. Some kids jumped and screamed with excitement and others shared tender hugs with Santa. Their eyes all lit up when Santa handed them a gift as they were leaving. The whole room was grinning from ear to ear watching Santa share special moments with each camper. Everyone left the weekend captivated by the magic of Christmas and the Burning Bright spirit of Dream Oaks Camp.

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