Strengthen a Family this Holiday Season

The holidays mean surrounding yourself with family, friends and loved ones. This season gives us the opportunity to recognize how blessed we are in our lives. It is important that we take this time of the year to also recognize that we each have the power to affect the world in a positive way.

 Adopt a camper’s weekend camp session for $250 this holiday season! Foundation for Dreams and Dream Oaks Camp’s vision for special needs children to “BURN BRIGHT” while experiencing an amazing camp experience and strengthening their families.

Dream Oaks Camp sessions are something that our campers look forward to each year. If you donate just $250 to Foundation for Dreams it will cover the cost of one camper’s weekend at Dream Oaks Camp. This donation will give the gift of a traditional camp experience – something that every child deserves.

Special needs parents often find it difficult to find the appropriate care for their  children when they cannot. Providing a positive environment for special needs children not only helps the children, but provides their families and parents respite to recharge their batteries. Parents of special needs children juggle the responsibilities of handling their child’s needs along with work, household duties and other siblings needs. Thanks to Dream Oaks Camp, these parents have a support system and Foundation for Dreams as a resource.

Our special needs parents have a piece of mind knowing that Dream Oaks is staffed by education and medical professionals, giving their children the best care. During the time of their child’s camp session, special needs parents can catch up on household duties, spend extra time with other siblings or even have a date night. Foundation for Dreams and Dream Oaks Camp strengthen and empower families by giving them the tools to succeed as a unit.

There are a number of other ways to support Dream Oaks Camp and Foundation for Dreams. If you are a handyman or specialize in a trade, in-kind donations of labor and services are welcomed! Dream Oaks Camp has regular maintenance and makes updates to our facilities and buildings often. To donate your time and services, call our offices at 941-746-5659.

Foundation for Dreams also has an online registry for supplies that are used at Dream Oaks Camp. Purchase a few things on our wish list and sponsor an arts and crafts session! To view our registry click here.

By supporting and donating to Foundation for Dreams, you are not only giving an experience of a lifetime to a special needs child- you are strengthening an entire family.

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