Staff Feature: Cameron Murphy

Get to know Cameron Murphy

Cameron has been dedicating her time to Dream Oaks Camp since 2019. Growing up, she always loved helping out in her mom’s special needs classroom, and when her mom joined the Board of Directors, she suggested Cameron become a counselor!

We asked Cameron some questions to learn more about who she is and what Foundation for Dreams and Dream Oaks Camp means to her, here’s what she said…

What does Burn Bright mean to you?
To me, Burn Bright means that whatever light is within someone burns bright to the people around them. I have always loved the different personalities at camp and to me those kids are always “burning bright.”

How has working at Foundation for Dreams impacted you?
Working at camp has lead me to make a decision of what I would like to do when I graduate high school.
Why is Foundation for Dreams and Dream Oaks Camp so vital to our community?
This camp is so vital to our community because it gives kids the opportunity to do something that will make them feel normal and just like every other child in society.
What is your favorite thing about working at Foundation for Dreams?
My favorite thing about working at Foundation for Dreams is working with such a supportive team behind me and working with such amazing kids.
Tell us one fun fact about yourself… (or three!)
I am involved in many activities in school such as Class Board, varsity lacrosse, as well as being in AP classes at Manatee High School.

Without all-stars like Cameron, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. We are so grateful for all of our team at Foundation for Dreams!

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